Calligraphy Terms of Service

Price Quotes

I will always provide a price quote and wait for your expressed consent before beginning any work. It is important to me that you (the client) are on board every step of the way, so I’ll do my best to manage any and all expectations!

Payment Policy

For medium and large custom projects ($100+), I require a 50% deposit upfront. For smaller projects, I require full payment up front. I accept payment through e-Transfer, cash, and check.


Once your deposit is secured, I will send you some preliminary sketches (or equivalent) for you to confirm that we’re headed in the right direction. For example, if you have ordered place cards, I will send you a photo of a completed place card for you to approve. This step is for you to request any revisions or adjustments, so don’t be shy!

For physical calligraphy work, I will not be able to make revisions to the final product. If you require the work to be re-done, I will require full payment for the first completed work, and the full amount for the second completed work.


If you cancel your order before I begin working on it, I will be happy to refund you for the full amount of your deposit. Please understand that the deposit is in place so that once I begin work I can be compensated for my time.

I am always available for questions at